Payment options



Should you decide to make a payment through PayPal, you pay your purchase after your order conveniently and securely via your PayPal Access.
With PayPal, you have the ability to specify your bank account or your credit card, your sensitive banking data are thus deposited at PayPal. PayPal also offers free and unlimited PayPal Buyer Protection.
Safe: Your bank or credit card details are stored only at PayPal and are not sent over the Internet again with every online purchase.
Simple: Pay with just two clicks. You have access to your bank or credit card information which are stored at PayPal, instead of entering it for every purchase.
Quick: PayPal payments are usually immediatly on our account. We can release your order faster for shipment and send you the goods immediately. So with PayPal you will usually receive your order earlier.


If you decide to choose the payment in advance payment option, together with the Orderconfirmation Email, you will receive all necessary information for a bank transfer.

Total amount of your order and our bank account details will be show in the orderconfirmation.
After the payment is received on our account, your order will be shipped as soon as possible. If we do not receive the payment for your order within 14 days after order date, your order will be canceled automatically and free of charge.

Our bank details:

Bank: Commerzbank Moenchengladbach

holder: Hauppauge Digital Europe SARL
account: 0909027700
bank code: 310 800 15
IBAN: DE88 3108 0015 0909 0277 00

Referenz:Please enter your order number which is specified in the order confirmation.